Dr. tonya thames taylor Set to be Coatesville Area NAACP Unit President

On January 7, 2013, during the first monthly meeting of the new year, Dr. tonya thames taylor (lower-case intentional) will be sworn in as the new President of the Coatesville Area Branch.  Dr. thames taylor will be joined by other newly elected officers, particularly the incoming Secretary and Treasurer, Jane Kennedy and Linda Lavender Norris, respectively.  These three women will hold the top leadership positions for the next two years.

Holding membership since childhood, when her mother bought her a youth membership, Dr. thames taylor is also a Silver Life Member and serves on the Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania State Conference, as the Community Coordination Chair.  Prior to being elected for the presidency, Dr. thames taylor served as the branch Treasurer.  As Treasurer, Dr. thames taylor served excellently.  She became bonded through State Farm Insurance.  Then, she took the few scant checks and stamps that were given to her and professionalized the books by creating a binder, to contain all of the relevant information associated with the treasury.  She also created the branch voucher form and enforced the use of vouchers to keep accurate records, prevent fraud, and to account for all payments by paying with checks only.  Not only that, she created a template for the Treasurer’s report, to include more than a simple summary of monthly bank statements.  The template that Dr. thames taylor created  provides more thorough details of all expenditures and receipts, for unit records.

Dr. thames taylor has a vision to lead the Coatesville Area Branch into an era of growth and productivity. She, along with the many great members of the local branch, wishes to restore the integrity and reputation of the branch by building up the committees and focusing everyone’s energies towards the business of civil rights.

Although Dr. thames taylor serves in various organizations, the NAACP has always been an important part of her life.  Since the days when her mother first gave her the gift of membership, the NAACP has contributed to her education financially, during her college years. The NAACP continues to give to her even to this day, with the rewards of service.  Through the NAACP, Dr. thames taylor is able to continue her life-long commitment to the uplifting of justice and liberty, by furthering the mission of this great organization.

You can learn more about Dr. thames taylor and follow her journey at her website

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